Since the closure of Crazylabel, I have been thinking of the future of - both the domain and the site. I don’t have an idea yet but I have been experimenting running an EC2 micro instance on AWS for Wordpress, it works well but I felt it is overkilled for what the site serves to me.

My 2nd choice is hosting the site as a static web pages on AWS S3, I tried Jekyll few years ago and in fact the local site folder is still on my Mac. Well, why don’t I start with it and build further? So here we go! The only problem with local Jekyll installation is that I have to rely on my Mac to create and generate the site files. Now that I’m with my iPhone much longer than the time with my Mac, this doesn’t bode well for me to stick with this workflow. I need to update my site with either Macs or iOS devices.

Github comes to the rescue! It is free and it’s builtin support of Markdown and Jekyll is perfect! And this comes the new WookieWeb on Github. The same old WookieWeb living on Github!