• RIP Beats Pill+

    I love my Beats Pill+, I don’t use it very often but it comes in handy when I want some more volume than my iPhone provides. It was not updated for years so I am not surprised to hear it was discontinued last week, but I hope there is a battery-powered HomePod.

    Features Beats Pill+ HomePod
    Power Battery AC
    Siri No Yes
    Homekit No Yes
    Connection Bluetooth WiFi

    Beats Pill+

  • Hello, world!

    hello world

  • Trying BBEdit as Jekyll editor

    Feeling great to install BBEdit on my Mac 😎

  • What's "PlayStation"?

    What’s PlayStation

  • 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    Apple Several months ago my 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar has some strange black lines on the top of the display. They would often appear in cold environment, the position of the black lines are not fixed but they tend to be in the very top area near the menu bar.

    Recently the problem become worse and they would appear whenever the Mac wake up from sleep. Since the lines are flickering so it is very annoying. It turns out it is a very common problem for 2016 Touch Bar MBP.

    Today I went to Apple Store and book for a Genius Bar appointment, as expected the display is faulty and since my MBP is out of warranty already, the replacement charge for the LCD is HK$3800 (~US$490)! Wow!

    There is no way I’d spend that much for the replacement LCD, the problem is annoying but not to the point of unusable. The Genius does recommend me to use an external monitor or switch to Dark Mode. Oh he is really a genius! Turing the whole UI to dark theme really does help to reduce the distraction from the flickering black lines.

  • The New WookieWeb on Github

    Since the closure of Crazylabel, I have been thinking of the future of wookieweb.com - both the domain and the site. I don’t have an idea yet but I have been experimenting running an EC2 micro instance on AWS for Wordpress, it works well but I felt it is overkilled for what the site serves to me.

    My 2nd choice is hosting the site as a static web pages on AWS S3, I tried Jekyll few years ago and in fact the local site folder is still on my Mac. Well, why don’t I start with it and build further? So here we go! The only problem with local Jekyll installation is that I have to rely on my Mac to create and generate the site files. Now that I’m with my iPhone much longer than the time with my Mac, this doesn’t bode well for me to stick with this workflow. I need to update my site with either Macs or iOS devices.

    Github comes to the rescue! It is free and it’s builtin support of Markdown and Jekyll is perfect! And this comes the new WookieWeb on Github. The same old WookieWeb living on Github!

  • When a G4 Cube is not a G4 Cube

    Few days ago was the sixth anniversary of Steve Jobs’ passing. He loves cubes, when he returned to Apple, he did it again. Even though both cubes were a commercial failure but they are a few most admired products in the history. You can find them in museums like MoMA. I love it, but I couldn’t afford it, so I hacked one, in 2002.

    When a G4 Cube is not a G4 Cube