• Arduino powered Internet clock


  • AWS IoT + ESP32


  • Moving back to Coda and trying Sublime Text editor

    Hello 大家好! 經過一段頗長的日子終於有時間 update 吓我既 website。咁耐冇 update 其中一個原因(除咗懶之外啦)就係個 Jekyll 網頁由 Amazon S3 般到 Github Pages 後,每次 update 都要 commit 同 push 去個 repo 度,開頭都 OK 的但係過咗一排後對於我依啲唔係 programmer 既人就好容易唔記得 GitHub 啲 command,自自然然就冇左個動力去 update 個網頁喇。

  • When a G4 Cube is not a G4 Cube

    Few days ago was the sixth anniversary of Steve Jobs’ passing. He loves cubes, when he returned to Apple, he did it again. Even though both cubes were a commercial failure but they are a few most admired products in the history. You can find them in museums like MoMA. I love it, but I couldn’t afford it, so I hacked one, in 2002.